You can select existing document types for cash journal documents, or define new document types in this activity. You must have document types for the following postings:

  • G/L account postings
  • Outgoing payments to vendors
  • Incoming payments from vendors
  • Incoming payments from customers
  • Outgoing payments to customers

Ensure that on the detail screen, the selection fields under Permitted account types, your postings are selected accordingly. Useful selections are for example, account types customer, vendor, G/L account.

Documents Type Controls:

  • Number Range of Document
  • Accounts Groups to be allowed for Posting
  • Reverse Document Type Allowed for Reversal of Cash Journal
  • Persons authorized allowed for cash journal Posting

Use the tcode OBA7 or the IMG Path > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting >Business Transactions > Cash Journal > Define Document Types for Cash Journal.


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