Determine Routes in Sales Order


The route in SAP means the path the material takes to move from company dispatch point to customer unloading point. Routes in system determine the means of transport involved and have an impact on transportation scheduling. Determining the proper route for the item to be delivered to the customer has an impact on the overall scheduling of material. Routes can be initially determined for an item in the order and re-determined in delivery if required.

Route determination in order is dependent on following factors:

  • County and Departure Zone of shipping point.
  • Shipping condition from sales order which is, in turn, determined from customer master.
  • Transportation zone from the material master record of particular sales organization & plant.
  • Country and Transportation zone of ship-to party

Routes can be redetermined in delivery based on weight and volume of materials and as maintained in customization.

Enter sold-to, Ship-to, material and quantity as below.

Select item and click on item details

Click on “Shipping tab”

Create delivery with reference to Sales order

In the delivery header, you can see it.

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