Dialog Programming / Module Pool

A Module Pool also called as Dialog Program is a ABAP Program of type “M” that requires at least one transaction code in order to be executed. The transaction code usually starts a screen and it’s associated flow logic.

Events in Dialog Programming

Process Before Output – Actions taken before displaying the output.
Process After Input – Actions taken after you input the data or carry some action on the screen.

Things you need to know in Dialog Programming

Status Icons – Used in screens to indicate visually about the status of the program. It’s a type of screen element and use the function module ‘ICON_CREATE’ to play around with it.

Context menu – Content Menu can be created statiscally using SE41 or dynamically using the class CL_CTMENU.

Screen keywords – Here are some screen keywords which you need to understand. PROCESS,MODULE,FIELD,ON,LOOP,ENDLOOP,CHAIN,ENDCHAIN,CALL.

MODULE <name> at EXIT-COMMAND – This module is called when the user presses BACK, EXIT or CANCEL.

GUI Status and Title – Check the syntax for SET PF-STATUS and SET TITLEBAR ‘XXXX’.

Step loops – This helps in displaying tabular data on the screen,

Table Control – Declare a control variable of type TABLEVIEW using control statements in the program and use the LOOP … ENDLOOP statement.


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