Different Instances in Application Server

Application Server is a physical server which is used to handle and process the user request. In SAP naming convention we define them as an Instance and it is possible to install more than one instance on a single server provided they are differentiated by the instance number.

Instance number is a 2 digit number that varies between [00 to 97] 98 and 99 are reserved for routing purposes.

Instances is of various types

  1. Database Instance
  2. Central Instance.
  3.  Dialogue Instance.

Database Instance
This is the Instance where database is installed.

Central Instance
This is the Instance where Application Server/ Tier/ Layer are installed. There will be only one instance in the entire system.

Dialogue Instance
These are the instances which are used to handle the load on the central instances. We can install as many instances as possible assuming that each instance can serve up to 200 – 500 users depending upon the type of the users.

Structure of Instance

Instance contains Dispatcher, Queue Mechanism, and Work process, Task Handler with ABAP, SCREEN, and SQL Interpreters. It also contains buffer areas, DB Client and Roll area.

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