Direct Input Programs


There are some standard SAP ABAP programs and which allows you to load into SAP. These programs take a flat file to the entry and load the data into the R / 3 system.

Batch Input (BI) programs still use the classical BDC approach but does not require ABAP program to be written to the format of the BDCDATA. The user needs to supply the predefined format structures to be stored in a flat file. The BI program then reads and invokes the transaction is mentioned in the header record.

Direct input (DI) programs work exactly similar to BBC programs. But the only difference is that instead of passing the data to the screens the data is directly loaded into the database using standard function modules. For this reason, DI programs are much faster (RMDATIND – Material Master DI program at least 5 times faster2) than the BDC counterpart and is ideal for large volume of data loading.

DI programs are not available for all applications. Only a limited number of DI programs were supplied by SAP, which are listed below.

* RMDATIND MM: Create Material master data
* RFBIBL00 FI: Create Account documents
* RVAFSS00 SD: Invoicing external transactions
* RAALTD11 AM: Create Asset Account documents
* RKEVEXT0 CO-PA: External data transfer to CO

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  1. Can you please let me know how do u find the standard program for a tcode apart form above mentioned one if SAP provided the data

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