SAP FICO Configuration Manual (Download Here) on Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting, Controlling and Profit Center Accounting.

Financial Accounting Configuration on:

  1. Create company code
  2. Define company code
  3. Posting Periods
  4. Document Number Ranges
  5. Field Status Variant
  6. Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
  7. Define Tax on Sales/Purchase
  8. Define Tax Accounts
  9. Assign Tax Codes fro Non-Taxable Transaction
  10. Define Account Group
  11. Define Document Types
  12. Define Valuation Methods
  13. Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation
  14. Define Adjustment Accounts for GR/IR Clearing
  15. Define Retained Earnings Account
  16. Define Financial Statement Version
  17. Define Plan Periods
  18. Define Plan Versions
  19. Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)
  20. Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts
  21. Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups
  22. Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Vendors)
  23. Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
  24. Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
  25. Define Reconciliation Accounts for Customer Down Payments
  26. Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Venodor Down Payments
  27. Define Accounts for Bank Charges (Vendors)
  28. Define Tolerances (Vendors)
  29. Define Tolerances (Customers)
  30. Define Dunning Procedures
  31. Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Customers

Assets Accounting Configuration on :

  1. Define company code
  2. Specify Description of Chart of Depreciation
  3. Copy/Delete Depreciation Areas
  4. Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
  5. Specify Number Assignment Across Company Codes
  6. Specify Account Determination
  7. Define Number Range Interval
  8. Define Asset Classes
  9. Assign G/L Accounts
  10. Specify Financial Statement Version for Asset Reports
  11. Specify Document Type for Posting of Depreciation
  12. Specify Intervals and Posting Rules
  13. Determine Depreciation Area in the Asset Classes
  14. Specify Rounding of Net Book Value and/or Depreciation
  15. Determine Depreciation Areas
  16. Maintain Period Control Methods
  17. Maintain Depreciation Key
  18. Define the Cutoff Value Key
  19. Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
  20. Define/Assign Settlement Profiles
  21. Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year

Controlling Configuration on:

  1. Maintain Controlling Area
  2. Maintain Controlling Area
  3. Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents
  4. Maintain Versions
  5. Define Substitution
  6. Define Cost Component Structure
  7. Define Costing Variants
  8. Check Automatic Routing Seletion
  9. Define Results Analysis Keys
  10. Define Results Analysis Versions
  11. Define Valuation Method (Actual Costs)
  12. Define Line Item IDs
  13. Define Assignment
  14. Define Update
  15. Define Posting Rules for Settling Work in Process
  16. Define Variance Keys
  17. Define Default Variance Keys for Plants
  18. Check Variance Variants
  19. Define Variance Variant for WIP and Scrap (Target Cost)
  20. Define Target Cost Versions
  21. Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents

Profit Center Accounting configuration on :

  1. Maintain Controlling Area Setting
  2. Set Control Parameters for Autual Data
  3. Maintain Standard Hierarchy
  4. Create Dummy Profit Center
  5. Define Number Ranges for local documents

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