Field Status Variant and Field status Groups


Field status groups are used to control the screen appearance for document posting. The achieved through general ledger account by assigning field status group to general ledger account or through posting key.

  • Fields, which must have an entry, can be made Required Fields.
  • Fields that can be entered, but are not required can be set to optional entry.
  • Fields, which is not required, can be suppressed

SAP has given field status group It is 3 types

  1. Suppress
  2. Required
  3. Optional

Example : Quantity field

It is related to purchase, sales departments So quantity field is required for purchase any things But Repair it is not mandatory the quantity field. According to this field which fields are suppress which fields are required and which fields are optional. According to that fields are appear on the screen at the time of choose any account for post entries.


  1. At the time of posting we assigned Field status variant group to company code.
  2. At the time of accounts creation we specify which fields are required, which fields are optional and which are suppressed.
  3. At the time of accounts selection for the entries we specify the fields according to that fields are appear on the screen.
  4. Field status groups are creating under the field status variant.

All the required fields are appear on screen with tick mark or question mark. It means system not permitted to go on next screen without give the inputs in that fields. All the optional fields are appear on screen with but it permitted move to go on next screen without put any inputs or not. All the suppress fields are not appear on the screen when we select the account for the posting.

Define the field status Variant (T-Code OBC4)

Path: SPRO> Financial Accounting>Financial Accounting Global Settings>Document>Line item>Controls>Define Field Status Variant

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