Fixed Assets – Creation & Change

The functions for handling tangible and intangible assets enable you to illustrate and document the development of fixed assets for accounting purposes. Asset accounting is a subsidiary ledger of the general ledger and is used to manage and document in detail for fixed asset transactions. In Fixed Asset accounting, you can update depreciation and make changes to asset balance sheet values in asset accounting. You can also make various account assignments to cost accounting for these transaction types. As a result of the integration in the System. Asset Accounting (FI-AA) transfers data directly to and from other SAP components. For example, you can post from the retirements fiscal year data a component directly to FI-AA. Locking, reversal and scrapping including updating changes, company codes and asset number information with or without vendors, fiscal, closing and manual adjustments.

You will learn about:

  • Logon Function
  • Menu Tree and Menu Path skills
  • Screen Tabs and screen field names
  • Navigation of the system through the Menu tree
  • Creating Fixed Assets
  • Screen Tabs

Download the presentation on creation of  Fixed Assets and change of Fixed Assets

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