Foundation of Java for ABAP Programmers


In this Foundations book, we will be looking at the standard J2EE and the new Java EE 5. You will find it easy to use the SAP-specific APIs once you have mastered the standard version. Rest assured, though, that I will explain everything from an ABAP programmer’s point of view. I will also show you the NetWeaver way where appropriate.

So, in 2001, one of the most innovative ERP companies, SAP, saw an opportunity to bring Java into its development environment. SAP has said that Java and ABAP will coexist as development languages. With Web Application Server (WAS) 6.40, we have seen this become a reality. Although there is still room for improvement (isn’t there always?) we now have a credible SAP platform for delivering web services.
Make no mistake—SAP is very serious about Java. It is not a passing fancy or an attempt to be fashionable. When I first lectured about Java to ABAP programmers in Europe in late 2002, SAP already had 35 internal projects using and developing Java. SAP has developed a “flavor” of J2EE to fit inside WAS.

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