Hardware Sizing for SAP Implementation


ASAP provides a tool called Quicksizer, which is used to analyze the hardware requirements (of mySAP.com) and to arrive at the hardware sizing for the project based on your inputs to a list of questions.

The tool is Web-based to make mySAP.com faster and easier. The Quicksizer has been developed by SAP in close cooperation with all platform partners and is free. The Quicksizer calculates CPU, disk, and memory resources based on throughput numbers and the number of users working with the different SAP components. The tool gives customers (and prospects) an idea of the system size requirements for running the proposed workload, and is also useful for initial budget planning.

Initially used during the Project Preparation and Blueprinting Phases, and anytime after these phases when there is a change in system requirements, the tool helps in arriving at the recommendations for hardware deployment.

This document describes how to estimate hardware resources that are necessary to run a particular workload , providing guidelines for the definition of hardware requirements like main memory, disk space and CPU. Generally, it is much more difficult to estimate the sizing requirements of a BW system than an R/3 system. The reason is that user behavior is more difficult to project than with the ERP system, as BW provides great flexibility in order to meet the varied reporting needs of an organization. With this in mind, the goal of this document is to present general guidelines that can help in determining hardware requirements for a BW system. It is always encouraged to work directly with hardware vendors to receive further assistance in sizing a BW system.

View/Download the Document on hardware sizing.

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