How to Create G/L Document Entry


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This exercise demonstrates entering general ledger (G/L) documents that represent transactions. In this example, you have purchased, with cash, $600 worth of office supplies from a supplier

From the SAP Easy Access screen: Accounting -> Financial accounting -> General Ledger -> Document entry -> Enter GL Account Document

Enter the information as follows:

  • Document Date:    Today (using drop down and selecting)
  • Currency/Rate:    USD
  • Company Code:    _ _ _ _ (has default if only one part of company has been created)
  • Account:    Using account 740000 (set up as shown in section 03, but for office supply expense)
  • D/C:            Choose Debit
  • Amount in Doc Curr:    $600 (amount for this example)

On the next line:

  • Account:        100002 (Bank account setup earlier)
  • D/C            Choose Credit
  • Amount in Doc Curr:    $600
  • Value Date:        Choose Today

Note: If you have not created the above accounts, you must do so now.

Select enter, then use the simulate button to ensure the postings are correct.

The following is a view of the screen where all the above information is entered.

This is a view of the screen that will appear if the transaction document was created successfully. Click Save and record document number.

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