How to get rid of ‘#’ in forms


When ever you try to print forms in SAP for any other language other than English, you usually end up with some of the characters printed as ‘#’ instead of the actual character for that particular language. The error is usually caused because of Double byte characters used in the form.

To get rid of ‘#’ symbols you need to use the correct character or paragraph format, follow these steps:

  1. Check if the font specified in the form is supported by the printer. In this case the form output is displayed correctly in the spool but when you try to print the form, it shows junk characters of ‘#’.  so first ensure that the printer supports the font. To see the actual font used by SAP system during printing goto SP01 – > give the spool number and execute.  Select the spool and now goto -> Display requests-> settings-> change the display mode to ‘RAW’ and come back to the spool output screen. Now click display contents and then you can figure out the correct font used by SAP.
  2. Device type not supporting the font. In this case ask the basis team to install the extra fonts on the spool server.
  3. Enable multibyte setting. Press ALT + F12 -> Options -> I18N -> Check Activate Multibyte functions to support
  4. Ensure you have extra required fonts installed in windows
  5. Refer OSS Note 776507 to look at the fonts supported by the country.

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