Implementing or Upgrading SAP? Don’t Forget the Data


While business processes evolve and are enhanced during these aforementioned project phases, no data is migrated directly from one system to  another during these phases. Data migration is different.

Data migration is the only phase during which data is actually moved from legacy applications to SAP. Effective data migration directly affects business user adoption rates. Data migration is therefore a critical component of an SAP implementation.

While data migration is essential to the success of an SAP implementation, its role in the project often overlooked and underestimated. The common assumption is that tools exist to extract and move the data into SAP, or that data migration is something a consulting partner will handle. Often project teams tasked with data migration focus solely on the timely conversion and movement of data between systems. But data migration is not just about moving the data into SAP; it’s about making the data work once within SAP. This means that the data in the SAP application must be accurate and trustworthy for business users to readily transition from their legacy applications to adopt SAP applications.


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