Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is the transaction processing system that connects the web HTTP server and the standard R/3 system. ITS is available since SAP release 3.1G. All the Internet Application Components (IAC) of SAP will be transacted through ITS.

Using ITS & IAC the standard R/3 transactions can be performed through the World Wide Web. Some of the business components that are pre-web-enabled by SAP are, • HR Employee Self-Service (ESS)

  • Components in SAP Retail Store
  • SAP B2B Procurement

It is also possible to web-enable the custom transactions and other standard transactions using ITS, using the following tools and components supplied by SAP.

These components support generation of dynamic HTMLs, HTMLBusiness, JavaScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Microsoft Information Server API (ISAPI), Netscape Server API (NSAPI)
and can interact with Java, C++ or VB programs.

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