Internet Transaction Server (ITS)


Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is the transaction processing system that connects the web HTTP server and the standard R/3 system. ITS is available since SAP release 3.1G. All the Internet Application Components (IAC) of SAP will be transacted through ITS.

Using ITS & IAC the standard R/3 transactions can be performed through the World Wide Web. Some of the business components that are pre-web-enabled by SAP are, • HR Employee Self-Service (ESS)

  • Components in SAP Retail Store
  • SAP B2B Procurement

It is also possible to web-enable the custom transactions and other standard transactions using ITS, using the following tools and components supplied by SAP.

  • SAP@Web Studio
  • SAP GUI for HTML
  • Web RFC
  • Web Reporting
  • Web Transactions

These components support generation of dynamic HTMLs, HTMLBusiness, JavaScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Microsoft Information Server API (ISAPI), Netscape Server API (NSAPI)
and can interact with Java, C++ or VB programs.

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