Inventory Posting

Double click on Transaction Event Key        BSX

Select your chart of accounts (INT in this example)

Select Rules button

Verify “Valuation Modif. And Valuation Class are checked.

The first time you access this screen; you may see several valuation codes and account numbers. For this example, we only need accounts for raw materials, finished goods, trading goods, and operational supplies. Therefore, we deleted the preset accounts, and added our own, using EP03 for the Valuation Modifier. Select the Valuation Classes which describe the type of materials to be included, and finally the Account which describes the type and purpose of the account. Refer to the following screen for examples. 0001 is the default in the system for the chart of accounts you picked earlier. This is the default for chart of accounts INT.

To create the new entries, click the create button on the top of the screen, and complete the form.

Enter the Valuation grouping code created earlier in the first box, then the valuation code, and finally the account it will be linked to. The easiest way to complete this process is to use the same valuation codes and accounts as displayed under the default settings, and change only your Valuation grouping code.

Click save when all necessary account information is complete. Green arrow back to the Maintain FI Configuration: Automatic Posting-Procedures screen.

Note: The accounts you will be referring to will not already exist in your company code. In later sections you may encounter errors if the accounts are needed. You can either create all the necessary accounts at this point, or wait until you receive the errors, and create the needed accounts then.

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