Invoice Processing in Accounts Payable

The business transactions for Accounts Payable include the following:

  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Down Payment (Special G/L)
  • Foreign Currency
  • Cancel/Reverse Document
  • Inter-company (Idoc’s)

The Enter Invoice screen consists of five standard tabs: Basic data, Payment, Details, Tax & Notes. On the basic data tab, enter general data about the invoice and vendor, e.g. vendor number, invoice amount, invoice date.

After entering the document it is possible: To post it immediately, To “park” the document or hold the document.

What’s the difference between Parked Document and Held Document

Park document:

  • Assigned number (according to document type)
  • Available for many users (depending on authorizations in the system)

Held document:

  • Internal document number (defined by the user)
  • Available only for the user who created

Processing of Parked Documents

If you know the parked document’s details, enter the document number, company code and fiscal year on the Initial screen. Alternatively, click the List button, which takes you to a selection screen. On the Document List screen, enter the selection criteria, then click the Execute button

Special GL Transactions

Special GL Transactions allow the user to post the document to an alternative GL account instead of “normal” Vendor reconciliation account, They are defined in Customizing for Vendor and Customer reconciliation accounts & Customer / Vendor account balances are not affected.

Posting of a down payment

Except of “normal” special GL transactions, in the system there may be defined “noted items”. If the special GL transaction is defined as “noted item” then postings with this indicator do not lead to an update of the transaction figures. A typical example of a noted item is a “Down Payment Request”. A transaction entered with this indicator stores only an information in the system (no “real posting takes place). This document (down payment request) is used later to post automatically a down payment and create a payment document.

To display the transaction posted with Special GL Indicator, mark the relevant field on the “Line items display” screen. “Dynamic selections” may be used to search for different GL indicators.

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