Maintain Calendar in SAP


The general public holiday and factory calendar is a central module in the SAP System. It may be used in plenty of areas (e.g. in Logistics as well as in Human Resources) in the standard version. You could use calendar maintenance to help keep and display the aspects of the calendar system. The general public holiday and factory calendar data calculated from calendar maintenance is directly available in your system.

Transactions used for Calendar Maintenance

The calendar system in SAP is comprised of the following components:

Public holidays

Definitions for public holidays: Calculation rule for a date, religious denomination, etc.

Public holiday calendar

Any composition of public holiday rules.

Factory calendar

Definition of workdays including special regulations, under the assignment of a particular public holiday calendar.

Standard Settings

The system delivers definitions of all the common public holidays and public holiday rules, along with a standard factory calendar.

Changes to calendar data are not automatically included in a correction request. For the calendar data to be utilizable in another system, make use of the function Transport in the initial screen of the maintenance transaction. Remember that you simply cannot transport individual public calendars or holidays. You are able to only transport calendar data in its entirety. Any time you do this, all public holidays, public holiday and factory calendars existing into the target system are deleted.

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