Maintain Cost Center Standard Hierarchy


From the SAP Easy Access Menu: Accounting è Controlling è Cost Center Accounting è Master Data è Standard hierarchy è Change

Enter your company code and click enter. You should see the following screen:

Click on the standard hierarchy group that you have previously created and enter a name for this group. Click the Create button and select Lower-level group. Enter a group name (MFG_ _) and the description, Manufacturing Group. Click the Create button and select Group at same level. Enter the group name as HQ_ _ and enter the description as Headquarters Group. Click the enter button.

Click on MFG_ _ and click create. Choose the Cost Center option and enter a valid from date of 01/01/2003 to 12/31/9999.

You should then be at the following screen:

Under Basic Data tab you will create three cost centers under the MFG group. After creating one you just click on create under the MFG cost center to create the next. Do not click enter or save. Create the following cost centers:

  • P010 – Assembly line cost center category = F
  • P020 – Warehouse cost center category = F
  • P030 – Receiving Area cost center category = F

Under the Indicators tab you should remove the check mark from Commitment update for all three of the above cost centers you have created

Under the HQ Cost Center you should create the following cost centers:

  • A010 – Finance cost center category = W
  • A020 – H/R cost center category = W
  • A030 – Sales cost center category = V
  • A040 – Marketing cost center category = V
  • A050 – Purchasing cost center category = G
  • A060 – Administration cost center category = W

Remove the check mark from Commitment update under the Indicators tab for all of the above HQ cost centers created

After ALL the above cost centers have been created, click Save.

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