Maintain Material Type

To Configure the material master material type, use the Transaction OMS2 which will allow you to Create, change or display.

Here are some of the material types used in SAP:

  • DIEN (services) services are procured from external sources and cannot be stored.
  • FERT (finished products) Finished products are manufactured by the company itself. Since they can not be ordered by purchasing.
  • FHMI (production resources and tools) the production of resources and tools for external supplies and used in the manufacture of products. This may contain purchasing data but no sales data. It is managed on a quantity basis.
  • HALB (semi-finished products) semi-finished products can be obtained from outside (outsourcing), and manufactured in the company too. They are then processed by the company.
  • HAWA (trading goods) Trading goods are always procured externally and then sold.
  • HIBE (operating supplies) Operating supplies are procured externally and required for the manufacture of other products.
  • NLAG (non-stock) non-stock material is material that is not in stock because it is consumed immediately. (Office supplies such as stationary. You need to create purchase orders and accounting for payment, but the stock still remains at zero as it is issued immediately to the various department.)
  • ROH (raw materials) Raw materials are always procured externally and then processed.
  • UNBW (non-valued materials) non valued materials are managed on a quantity basis.
  • VERP (packaging materials) Packaging materials used to transport goods and come free of charge.
  • WETT (competitive products) of the products have their own material master records created from the database point of view. The competitor’s number, which is stored in the main document, assigns the material to a particular competitor.

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