Material Returns without Reference to Purchase Order

Assuming that you have raw materials that have been in the store for periods of time. A few months later, some were found to be defective. So you need to return the raw materials to your vendor, but it does not relate to a PO.

Vendor Returns Without PO Reference

You can use Returns Purchase Order, transaction code ME21N and at item level tick the column returns.

MIGO_GR – GR for Returns Purchase Order. Movement type 161 will be to deduct the stock and 162 for reversal. During goods receipt for the return of order, do not change the type of movement of 101 to 161, the system will automatically assign the movement type 161 when the postings are done. However, before saving, verifying if there is a checkmark in the column on the return to ensure it is a return to order.

Create a new Purchase Order Number range to differentiate.Use Transaction OMH6 to define number ranges.

Create a new Purchase Order Type to differentiate e.g ZRET. Use the transaction OMEC to Define Document Type.

Change the PO layout using the Transaction OMFE and configure the MEDRUCK script to check if the Purchase order type is ‘ZRET’ then “Return Purchase Order” else ‘Purchase Order’.

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