Online Interface between Java and SAP


Procurement & Material Management System (MATS) is a custom solution based on J2EE framework implemented for a leading automotive  manufacturing company for at all its plants to
improve the efficiency of its purchasing and material management processes. A rich GUI combined with easy to use functionalities are provided for its users from Production, Warehouse, Accounting and Purchasing departments.

MATS system supports Warehouse with functionality grouped under modules such as Forecast, Procurement, Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Invoice Verification, Physical Count and Master Data and for Purchasing it supports with Sourcing module and for Accounting/Cost control department, it supports with consolidated Reports on all the transactions. The accounting department creates annual budgets by cost center in SAP and wants to track & control expenses in a real-time manner. As a result, customer wanted a real-time interface between MATS and SAP to support below key business requirements leading to an efficient control of expenses

  • Support real-time budget control : Provide a real-time budget control functionality from MATS application with the budget information residing in SAP and budget being shared by multiple systems. Support real-time budget control activities such as Check budget, Reserve budget, Release budget reservation, Update budget and Consume budget.
  • Support real-time accounting postings : Provide ability for MATS to do General Ledger(GL) or Accounts Payable(AP) posting on specific expense account codes for all transactions in MATS such as Goods Receipt (GR), Goods Issue (GI), Invoice Confirmation (INV), Credit Note (CN), Debit Note (DN), Retroactive CN(RCN), Retroactive DN(RDN), Cancel Operation for all above objects, Physical stock adjustment
  • Support Physical count reconciliation: Provide volume update of records from MATS to SAP for materials that have difference in stock count during annual cycle count process

This whitepaper provides you with the solution for the above requirement. Download the whitepaper here .

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