Planning Process Overview in SAP

Planning Process Overview in SAP

Multiple forecasting models and strategies can help you in have a good planning process. Models are selected by the system using the built-in intelligence while continuing mySAP ERP checks the durability of the model. You can include the effects of events, such as marketing promotions and seasonal influences, with Forecasts. You can even override individual values of previous demands and Forecasts. Full integration with mySAP ERP makes periodic easier to forecast possible with ease. You can break down forecast demands from planning level of individual products. Rough-cut capacity planning level planning provides a reality check of resource bottlenecks. Forecasts are easily transferred to Demand Management and Master Production Scheduling (MPS), where they may be offset by incoming sales orders. You can also add unexpected demands anytime.

The planning process in SAP  is divided into several steps.

These steps can be executed independent of each other, or they can collaborate in one.

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) develops sales plans and production of plans using forecast values and requirements from Sales Information System and costing / profitability analysis as inputs for determining requirements. These requirements are reflected in the system as planned amount of product within a given period and are not required to create the basis for the requirements of the Customer.

Demand Management

Management on Demand forecasting, functionality is connected to the production scheduling. Requirement number and date for the finished products and assemblies based on plans from the SOP is determined.

Master Production Scheduling

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) allows for critical resources or top-level things planned with extra attention. The process ensures that the instabilities in planning are very minimal. MPS is a just an another optional step in the process of planning.

Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is the detailed planning of replenishment schedules for required elements. The output of MRP is either a planned order or a purchase request.

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