Post Invoice in the Cost Center


From the SAP Easy Access Screen: Accounting è Financial accounting è Accounts payable è Document entry è Invoice

Enter the following information:

  • Vendor:        Code for lease vendor
  • Invoice Date:        Today
  • Amount of Invoice:    10,000
  • Company Code:    _ _ _ _

If your company code is not the default code in the field, right click and select Change Company Code (or hit F7), then click enter to re-highlight the Invoice date and amount of Invoice.

Click Insert Line to highlight bottom section of page, then select:

  • G/L Account:        7800_ _ – Rent Expense
  • D/C:            Debit
  • Amount:        10,000                then scroll to the right.
  • Cost Center        A010

Click the Enter button, then use the Simulate button to check that postings are correct.

The screen will look similar to the following if postings were successful, check that entries are correct.

Click Save and record the document number.

Display Line Items

From the SAP Easy Access Screen: Accounting è Controlling è Cost Center Accounting è Information system è Reports for Cost Center Accounting è Line items è Cost Centers: Actual Line Items

Enter the following information:

  • Cost center:        A010
  • Cost element:        7800_ _ – Rent Expense
  • NOTE:    Ensure cost element group and cost center group fields are empty
  • Posting date:        Use default values or set range to current month.

Click the Execute. Then double click on the Rent Expense Line Item to review the document.

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