Posting of vendor Invoice


Transaction code: FB60

In this transaction vendor invoice is posted without reference to purchase order.

Enter the following details as shown below:

  • Vendor number
  • Invoice date
  • Posting date
  • Amount
  • Business place / Section code
  • Text

Vendor related details are entered here.

Enter the Expense related details as shown below:

  • Expenditure account
  • Debit/Credit option
  • Amount
  • Text
  • Cost center
  • Tax code
  • Business area
  • Profit center

For tax calculation click on tab “Tax” as shown below and Click

click on basic data tab

Enter the total amount in vendor line item as shown below

Click on simulate button

View the document in simulate mode

Save the document

What do you mean by Net Postings?

Usually, when a transaction is posted, for example, a vendor invoice (document type: KR), the system posts the Gross amount with the tax and discount included. However, SAP provides you the option of posting these items as Net. In this case, the posting excludes tax or discounts. Remember to use the special document type KN. (Similarly, you will use the document type DN for customer invoice-Net compared to the normal invoice postings for the customer using the document type DR.) For using this net method of posting you should have activated the required settings in the customization.

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