Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions

The following functions are available in SAP R/3 for the optimized conversion of requisitions into purchase orders:

  • Purchase requisition items with source of supply
    If a source has already been assigned to the requisition, it is possible to choose between semiautomatic and fully automatic conversion into a purchase order. In the former case, an assignment list is referred. In this transaction, manual intervention is flexibly enabled. Yet, this option is not available in the fully automatic conversion process. A further difference between the two transactions is that scheduling agreement delivery schedule lines can only be generated via the semiautomatic transaction.
  • Purchase requisition items without source of supply
    If no source has been assigned to the purchase requisition, a transaction that enables the assignment in a first step is possibly used. In the second step, the assignments made then have to be processed. As a result of using this transaction, a purchase order item referencing a contract, an info record, a scheduling agreement, or an RFQ can be created.

Learn creating these with screenshots in this Training Document.

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