Once the Purchase Requisitions are generated, additional standard functions are provided by the SAP System for converting these requisitions into respective purchasing documents (purchase orders, contract release orders, scheduling agreement delivery schedules, RFQs) as well as the processing options available thereby in this document.

  • Assigning means defining the desired source for each purchase requisition item ie. this involves assigning source of supply to individual requisition items.
  • Further processing (of purchase requisitions via the assignment lists) involves generating lists of requisitions that have been assigned or flagged as outlined above, and the subsequent creation of RFQs, purchase orders, or lines of delivery schedule under scheduling agreements. This involves the manual creation of purchase orders or delivery schedule lines from a list of requisitions with assigned sources.

Alternatively, in the case of purchase requisition items that were not assigned to sources at the time of their creation, it is optional of carrying out the processes of source assignment and conversion collectively using a single transaction. This function is a combination of “Assign Purchase Requisitions” and “Further Processing of Purchase Requisitions via the Assignment List”. In this case, choose Purchase Requisition –> Follow-On Functions –>Assign and Process.
It is possible to trigger the automatic assignment of sources for all selected purchase requisition items from a list of open requisitions (Edit –>Source of Supply –>Assign Automatically). In this case, the system will help determines possible sources. If there are several possible sources of supply of a material, it is feasible to choose the desired one from a list of all possible sources in the ‘Dialog’ box.
If more than one requisition is selected for assignment, the box for the next requisition with more than one possible source appears. Repeat the process until all requisitions have been assigned to sources.
It is also probable to assign manually requisitions for which no source can be found to a vendor (Edit  –> Source of Supply  –> Assign Manually) or flag them for RFQ processing (Edit  –> Flag for RFQ –>Without Vendor / With Vendor).
After such assignment phase, either these requisitions can be saved with assigned sources, or the assignment list is generated in the second step (Go to –>Assignment Overview), in order to convert the assigned items into Purchase Orders, Scheduling Agreement delivery schedule lines, or RFQs.
To confirm the assignment of selected items from within the basic list, choose Edit  –> Change requisitions. The system will issue a message confirming that the requisition(s) has/have been changed. Noted that if requisitions that have already been assigned are selected, and the automatic source determination process identifies a different source than the one already entered, the previous source is overwritten without prior warning. However, if the original assignments are reinstated for the requisitions, then choose Edit  –> Cancel assignment.

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