Another useful guide on CATT Variants.  CATT variants are used to store assorted transactional combinations and/or field settings on a recorded CATT transaction to meet diverse SAP testing requirements.  This helps to provide a single test case with a greater degree of flexibility to address a wide range of different test scenario combinations in a robust SAP environment. Variants provide all cycles of testing with the flexibility and modularity to meet a broader range of test scenarios. It also reduces the number of CATT scripts to manage.  Two types of CATT variants are available; Internal variants where the values are maintained within SAP and external variants where the Import parameters are managed outside SAP in a text or spreadsheet file. External variants are excellent for maintaining and uploading large volumes of master data.

Download this quick guide on CATT Variants which provide you with overview about:

  • Creating Internal Variant
  • CATT Maintain Variants Menu
  • CATT Create Internal Variant Screen
  • Create External Variants
  • Using Excel Spreadsheets
  • Execute CATT Variant

Download the quick reference guide on CATT Variants


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