Reversal of Documents in SAP


If you need to change some of the accounting information relating to an already posted document, you can only achieve this by ‘Reversing’ the original document and posting a new one with the correct information. However, reversal is possible only when:

  • The origin of the document is in FI (not through SD or MM, etc.)
  • The information such as business area, cost center, etc., is still valid (that you have not deleted these business objects)
  • The original document has no cleared items
  • The document relates only to the line items of customer/vendor/GL

While reversing, the system automatically selects the appropriate document type for the reversal, and defaults the relevant posting keys. (Remember that the document type for the reversal document would have already been configured when the document type was defined in the configuration.) Also note that if you do not specify the posting date for the reversal document, the system defaults to the posting date of the original document.

Document Reversal in SAP Finance

First reverse the incorrect doc. System provides function to reverse G/L, customer & vendor doc either individually or in a mass reversal.
There are two ways to reverse a doc entered incorrectly:

  1. Normal Reversal Posting :Auto, Zero bal, post incorrect debit to credit & vice versa causing and increase in transaction figures
  2. Negative Posting: manual, Zero bal, removes traces, also posts incorrect debit to credit and vice versa but does not add posted amount to transaction figures, it subtracts transaction figures so brings doc in original state before incorrect posting.

A reversal reason must be entered which explains the reversal & also controls if reversal date is allowed to differentiate from original posting date. Docs with cleared items cannot be reversed until it is first reset. Normally system uses normal reversal posting, but if negative postings are used following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  1. The company code allows negative postings
  2. The reversal reason must be defined for negative postings.

Negative postings can also perform transfer postings of incorrect Line Items. The item is removed from wrong account by a negative posting and posted to correct account by a normal posting. But this can only be done if a document allows a negative posting. In the Doc header of reversed document, the doc number of reversal is also mentioned, along with reversal reason. In Doc header of reversal doc the doc number of reversed doc is available without any reversal reason.

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