Sample Management using Sampling Procedure


If sampling procedures and optional dynamic modification rules are in use, the system is able to adjust the inspection scope to the quality level. Sampling procedures determine the inspection scope and valuation mode for recording results (qualitative characteristics, tolerances, characteristic attributes, etc.). A sampling procedure is allocated to an inspection characteristic of an inspection plan if this is set accordingly in the control indicator of the characteristic.

The advantage of using sampling procedures is that inspection characteristics are not valuated manually (accept/reject) but can be valuated automatically based upon the procedure. The maintenance of sampling procedures is done on a comprehensive level in all plants.

Logistics->Quality management->Quality planning->Basic data->Sample->Sampling procedure->Create / Change / Display (QDV1 / QDV2 / QDV3)

After entering the sampling procedure and confirming that will show the next screen.

After confirming with the next screen will appear:

Save your entries. The sampling procedure may be used in inspection plans after saving.


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