SAP Adobe Interactive Forms


The integration of Adobe PDF capabilities with the SAP NetWeaver open integration and application platform has placed SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe at the heart of projects around the world to automate form-based processes, eliminate paper throughout an organization, and keep compliant with industry standard. SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe enable end-to-end workflows with rich and intelligent common user experiences for online and offline use to

  • Increase user productivity
  • Extend SAP business processes to every computer with Adobe Reader® software
  • Increase trust in documents and data anywhere in the process

Features of Adobe Interactive Forms

  • Create form templates for the dynamic layout that include logos or pictures
  • Generate documents by merging form templates and current system data
  • Edit forms online or offline
  • Forms can be filled in advance automatically with specific data from SAP applications and then sent to the correct recipients using secure methods
  • Automatic consistency checks for forms
  • Activate enhanced functions such as comments
  • Digital signatures and form certification
  • Send completed forms to the SAP application with automatic updates of the business data

To create a form, you use the Form Builder tool that is integrated with ABAP Workbench.

1.  You create a form object in transaction SFP or in repository browser
2.  In the interface, you define where the data comes from that you want to display in the form. To do this, you call the interface function in Form Builder.
3.   You activate the interface.
4.   In the context in Form Builder, you drag and drop the required parameters from the interface you have defined. You can also insert texts, graphics, and addresses.
5.   In the layout function in Form Builder, you create the layout. You use this graphical tool to design the printed appearance of the form, and drag and drop data from the form context you have defined.
6.   You activate the form.

Understand a lot more about working with SAP Adobe forms in this persentation.

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