SAP Beginners Guide

So, Finally you have decided to make a career move into SAP and good to know that you have found ERPDB. Let this be your gateway to the world of SAP and allow me to walk you through everything you need to know from the SAP basics to getting a job in SAP.

Here are some posts which will give you a idea as to what SAP is all about. First, start here on What is SAP?. Once you know about SAP, I would suggest you to understand more about ERP.

Now, a big question will take over you asking where do I fit in into this vast SAP World. As you know by now that SAP has various modules and choosing the correct module will help you stir your career in the right direction. Read the post on “Best SAP Module?” which will help you to decide in choosing the correct SAP module.

Once, you have decided on the modules, look at the vast categories we have on ERP Database. We have also organized a list of all the SAP Ebooks which were collected from different blogs/forums and website and have provided the links to these books and do not forget to check out the SAP FAQs section too.

Now comes the Big question. Where should I get the training? SAP Labs has it’s own education program through out the world. Refer the SAP’s training centers and also check the SAP Course list. Well, SAP Labs is the best place if you want to get trained but sometimes we don’t have enough money, I would suggest you to check your local sources for the best alternative sap training institutes in your area and Kick off your SAP education program and once you have gained enough experience you can directly take the SAP certification without going through the training from SAP labs.

While learning SAP, go to the forums at SAP Developers Network. There are a huge number of mentors who will help you to improve your SAP Skills.

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