SAP BI(Business Intelligence) Tutorials


SAP BIW(Business Information Warehouse) or BI (Business Intelligence) now plays a central role in virtually every solution introduced in market by SAP. It facilitates predicting and proper analysis based on gathered historic data and assisted in delivering better customer support with enhanced business procedures and enhanced corporate performance.

Here is a collection of basics on SAP BIW covering creating custom info objects, transferring standard data source, installation of business content ODS object, loading flat file into info cube & creation of reports using query designer.

Download SAP BIW Basics Tutorials.

SAPBIW (Business Information Warehouse) Tutorials

SAP BI Overview contains overview about difference between OLAP and OLTP, layout/steps in SAP BW, ER-Model (Entity Relationship model), Designing DB, Object Oriented, Normalization, DB concepts in OLTP, Star Schema (traditional schema), Extended Star Schema (BW schema), Snow Flake scheme, Hybrid schema. Download the document on SAP Business Intelligence overview

SAP BI Basics Tutorial document covering a wide range of tasks with complete screen shots.

SAPBW Online training covering introduction and login in SAP system, Creating a New Info Area, Creating Info Object Catalogues, Creating the Info Objects & Creating an Info Cube.  Creating a Source System, Create Application Component, Creating an Info Source, assigning the Source System to the Info Source, Defining Update Rules, Loading Source Data,  Hierarchies and Data Query – BEx Analyser.

Miraclewidsoms SAPBW uses step-by-step directions including a plethora of display captures as example of crucial SAP BW positive aspects. It demonstrates how SAP BW implements the vital star schema and solves the principal challenges all-natural inside the advance of data warehouses: overall performance, reliability, and error-handling. Utilizing a real-world company scenario like a operating instance, this tutorial presents an substantial take a look at the technology, from underlying concepts and fundamental tactics via its most innovative abilities.

SAP BW Downloads contains learning guides and help files pertaining to SAPBW includes BPS, Best practices, Integration, Installation, OLAP Processing, Sizing and Business Explorer(BEX).

Watch this Video tutorials on SAP BI in this Youtube Playlist (around 50 videos) on SAPBI on Star schema,  Creating Infocubes, Creating Hierarchies, Infoproviders, infoobjects and lot more  and finally, the wikipedia on SAP BIW contains some understanding on what it is all about and SAP Help on SAP BIW.

SAP BI Update Document will walk you through all the configuration requirements to SAP BI 7.0. This lists all the required patches, OSS Notes to be referred and the required CD/DVDs Patch downloads. It also details all the preparation steps at the OS Level, Database Level and SAP level and then walks you with all the steps in upgrading the SAP System.

BIW - Samples To upload Sales Order data from SAP R/3 to BI using generic DataSources, Integrating SAP data (R/3 or BW Data) with the BO-Xcelsius (Business Objects) using BSP.


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