SAP Cash Management FAQs – Check Deposit Overview


1.    True/False? The SAP principle for the bank statement processing and the check deposit processing is the same.

2.    True/False? The check deposit processing cycle is completed with the bank statement processing.

When the bank statement is processed after depositing a check with a bank (cashing it), the incoming check account is cleared and the bank account is debited.

3.    What accounts in FI are check deposits mapped to?

Check deposits are mapped to bank accounts and bank clearing accounts  (subaccounts) – similarly to the bank statements.

4.    Is it possible to enter more checks at the same time?

Yes, however, all of them must require the same posting processing since in the header of the check a transaction name is assigned applying to all the checks contained in a particular deposit run.

5.    What is the purpose of account assignment (screen) variants? Can a start variant be substituted during the check entry?

They allow users to enter different clearing or additional information for each check through different fields ready for input in various variants. The start variant can be changed any time during the check entry.

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