SAP Complete SPRO Configuration Template and Implementation Guide


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The SAP SPRO Implementation Guide is a tool for adjusting SAP Systems to customer requirements. It is hierarchically structured and based on the application component hierarchy. The core of the implementation guide is the IMG activities which start by the team using a base SPRO configuration template and take you into Customizing, where you can make the appropriate system settings. The implementation steps for all IMG activities are documented in detail in the IMG. You can also document your implementation projects in SPRO.

Learn about configuring every bits and piece in SAP SPRO Configuration in this huge manual which provides you with all the required help. It is used to configure every setting as per clients requirement. This guide is a basic template for every customization. Working with SAP Project Reference Object in SAP can be very complicated just because of the complex nature of the SAP System.

SAP SPRO Configuration Types:

  • The SAP Reference IMG contains all IMG activities, sorted by application component and into the categories General Settings and Enterprise Structure
  • The Enterprise IMG is a subset of the SAP Reference IMG which contains only the IMG activities of the application components which are to be implemented. N.B. The Enterprise IMG is not provided from R/3 Release 4.6A.
  • The Project IMG is a subset of the Enterprise IMG (until 4.5B) or the SAP Reference IMG (from 4.6A) which contains IMG activities for the application components which are implemented in a particular Customizing project.
  • You can create project views of attributes of a Project IMG, in particular for Release Customizing (Delta Customizing or Upgrade Customizing).

There are two kinds of SPRO Configuration IMG activities:

  • Activities with executable transactions
    These contain documentation, attributes, a maintenance object, and process assignments. You can go to Customizing to make settings, check them with check programs or transfer data, via the Customizing objects in the maintenance object. The steps required are described in the IMG activity documentation. You can gather IMG activities into projects by attributes. If you assign IMG activities to processes, you can generate a project IMG in ASAP (ASAPIMG link). You can recognize activities with executable transactions by the execution icon in the IMG.
  • Organizational activities
    These are for documentation purposes only and do not contain maintenance objects like activities with executable transactions.

Here are some different SPRO Configuration manuals on Sales and Distribution, Finance, and Controlling, Working with CIN (Country India Version) configuration and One big Complete SAP Configuration Guide.

If you are looking for examples of how the configuration takes place to check out the SPRO configuration on countries and currencies.

SAP SPRO Configuration Manuals for Download

This covers a wide range of tasks to be completed in SAP SPRO configuration.

Topics covered:

  • General Setting
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Logistic – General
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Material Management


Using SAP’s Smart Configured Implementation Solutions

Smart Implementations contain pre-configuration, documentation, installation, and configuration accelerators for specific mySAP components. Smart Implementations provide tools to assist with technical infrastructure planning, installation of necessary components, system configuration and integration into an existing SAP system landscape, and infrastructure management in a production system.

The Smart Implementation for the mySAP Workplace includes the following installation and configuration features:

  • Easy system infrastructure configuration with the Configuration Assistant
  • Automatic mySAP Workplace component installation
  • Easy integration of multiple component systems
  • Pre-configuration of all software components, including the Web server and Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
  • Basis customization of the SAP R/3 System (Workplace Server)
  • The System Administration Assistant, an easy-to-use tool providing a comprehensive
  • administration concept to support the system administrator in important tasks.



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