SAP Connectors


There are a number of connectors supplied by SAP for integrating R/3 with different applications and technologies.

  • SAP Business Connectors
  • SAP Java Connectors
  • SAP .NET Connectors
  • SAP DCOM Connectors

The Java, .NET and DCOM connectors are took kits, which are functionally similar, to enable interoperability between SAP and other software. These toolkits typically come with middleware APIs to support RFC (synchronous, transactional & queued), BAPIs, and IDocs. These connectors are ideal for custom interface development for the in-house integration needs. SAP Business Connectors is a step above the technology connectors. Business Connectors allow integration of local and application over the net, with open standards (like XML etc…). The BAPI and IDoc interfaces are made available to partners over the net using secured XML based services. In addition, Business Connectors enable to expose additional Web Services over the internet for the business partners to get information deeply buried into your ERP system.

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