SAP Controlling FAQs – Organisation Structure

1.    True or False?  A controlling area has a one to one relationship with company codes.

False.  A controlling area has a one to one relationship with the chart of account and, a one to many relationship with company codes.

2.    After the controlling area has been configured, the assignment of company codes cannot be changed.

[True] or False.

3.    When a number of company codes are assigned to a controlling area, cross company code accounting is possible.  However, each company code must share what three attributes:

•    The same chart of accounts
•    The same fiscal year variant and year end date (the same fiscal year variant must be assigned to the controlling area and to all attached company codes)
•    The same standard hierarchy of cost centers

4.    Name three types of cost objects used in the CO.

•    Cost centers
•    Internal orders
•    Profitability segment

5.    If the controlling area currency is the same as the company code currency, the object currency is freely definable.

[True] or False.

6.    Define the document currency.

The document currency is the currency of the transaction.  The document currency is defined at the time the document is entered.

7.    Define account assignment objects in CO and name three of them.

Account assignment objects in CO represent units to which costs are assigned. They are used to collect costs (‘cost bucket’) and can be planned and budgeted on. Three examples: cost center, internal order, business process.

8.    CO number ranges are defined on company code level.

[True] or [False]. CO number ranges are defined for each controlling area.

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