SAP FI FAQs – Display Accounts and Documents


1.    What is the purpose of the assignment field?

The assignment field is used to sort line items when they are first displayed.  It is populated based on the definition of an accounts sort key.  This field does not have to be displayed in a line layout.  The lines are displayed in the order of numbers, capital letters, lower-case letters.

2.    What is a sort key?

The sort key determines what appears in the assignment field.  It is made up of at least one field on a document.  It may consist of combination of complete and partial fields up to a maximum of 18 characters

3.    Can you manually enter data into the assignment field?  What affect does this have on the sort key?

Yes, you can manually enter data into the assignment field, which will overwrite the entry made by the sort key.

4.    Your client would like to create special views for displaying account line items.  How can this be done?

Display Variants can be configured to customize the information displayed in the account line item screen.  Changes to the variants may be made directly in the line item screen.

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