SAP FI FAQs – Docuement/Account Maintenance


1.    Under what circumstances can a document be changed?

Most fields in a document can be changed up until it is posted.  After that, only fields that do not have a financial impact can be changed (e.g., text fields).  In the document header, only the reference document and text can be changed.

2.    For what are document update rules used?

With document update rules, you determine which document fields are allowed to be changed and under what circumstances.  They are stored in the “document change rules” table.  Note that some fields may not be changed regardless of the specifications in this table.

3.    What specific document fields cannot be changed?

Fields mandated by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) cannot be changed (e.g., account number, amount, posting key).

4.    Explain how document reversing works.

Document reversal automatically reverses entries and creates a new document with reference to the original posting. Therefore, document reversal offers a better audit trail than manually adjusting entries to correct errors.

You can reverse a document only if:
*    The document has no cleared line items
*    The document contains only D, K or S items (customer, vendor or G/L account line items)
*    The document was posted with the FI system (not SD or MM)
*    All specific values (such as cost center) are still valid

5.    Explain the difference between a Traditional Reversal and a True Reversal.

A Traditional Reversal results in a debit entry being offset by a credit entry.  When viewing the account balance, you will see entries in both the debit and credit columns.  A True Reversal posts a negative amount to the entry in question.  When viewing the account balance, the entry appears to be removed from the system.  Both reversals offer a complete audit trail, and the reversal documents are identical except for an indicator noting the type of reversal.

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