SAP FI FAQs – Special Topics


1.    Answer True or False to the following:
True/False.  Multiple currencies may be used within a single cash journal.
True/False.  A company code may have may cash journals.
True/False.  The cash journal balance may be negative.

2.    List the types of tasks you can perform using Schedule Manager.

•    Worklists (via workflow)
•    Background jobs
•    Online (real-time) jobs
•    Transactions
•    Text reminders

3.    Answer True/False to the following:
True/False.  In order to use Travel Management, the HR module must be implemented.
False, SAP provides a mini-master record that can be used by FI when HR is not implemented.

True/False.  You must enter a Travel Request and Travel Plan before you can submit an Expense Report.
False, Travel Requests and Travel Plans are optional functions in Travel Management.  They provide additional travel information that is not necessary for reimbursements.

True/False.  The vendor payment program is used to reimburse employees.
True, the payment program processes expense reimbursements using the vendor master records that are created for each employee.

4.    List the components of the mini-master record.

•    Personnel actions
•    Organizational assignment (of the employee)
•    Personal information
•    Addresses
•    Bank Details
•    Travel privileges
•    Travel preferences

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