SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 6


Certification Questions: Answer True or False

1. While parking a document, a temporary document number is created
2. When we cancel/delete the parked document, another number is created
3. Number range in FI are at company code level strictly and year dependant
4. Which of the following are correct: a) resetting of cleared items creates more entries in the system; b) resetting of cleared items reinstates the original entries and clears the clearing entry; c) resetting of cleared entries will not do anything; d) for reversal of check payment document with clearing, resetting is a must
5. We cannot create G/L account only for chart of accounts, implying there is no company code data.
6. GR/IR clearing has to be done only manually

7. SAP can pay only to vendors
8. Payment advice is a note of approval and cannot be used in payment of vendors
9. Credit management in SAP always refers to one customer, and has got no separate master data of amount limits
10. Creating of bank master is always at a country level
11. If the address of a company code needs to be changed, then, a) one needs to go to enterprise structure and at definitions, change the address; b) one has to go financial accounting global settings, and change the address; c) one needs to go to financial accounting – company code – global parameters, and change the address
12. Is it possible to book a vendor invoice – 30% due in 30 days, 50% due in 15 days and 20% after a year?
13. Customer wants some standard texts to be maintained and noted which will be selected b y the users while entering G/L line items. Is it possible to give this option in SAP?
14. Customer wants a warning message to be given to all users, when they post to previous year at the year-end. Is it possible?
15. In India, a Gujarat surcharge is passed at central level and is customized. But the condition was that it is valid only up to 31-3-2002. Is it possible to customize this?
16. As per customer requirements, different document types were created. Now he wants to get it automated while doing transactions like invoice and credit memo for vendor and customer. Is it possible?
17. Bank has debited the cash credit account interest and mentioned same in the bank statement. Can it be posted through bank reconciliation statement entry or does it need a separate journal entry to be passed?
18. SAP first posts to G/L, and then to sub ledgers


1. F
2. F
3. F
4. A-F, B-T, C-F, D-T
5. F
6. F
7. F
8. F
9. F
10. F
11. A-FC B-F, C-T
12. T
13. T
14. T
15. T
16. T
17. T
18. F

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