SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 9


Answers the following in True or False

1. G/L master record is always for all company codes in the system
2. currency is a required field entry while creating G/L master
3. we cannot control the postings to the G/L by way of tax codes entry for a G/L account
4. tax codes are created and operated at country level
5. tax codes are created at company code level
6. tax codes are time dependant
7. jurisdiction codes are not used at all while creating tax codes
8. in AP and AR, account group cannot be created with external number ange

9. reconciliation account definitions are available in general data of vendor master
10. reconciliation account definitions are available in payment data of general data in customer master
11. payment terms are company code dependent
12. it is not possible to calculate the due date on fixed dates like end of month with days calculation
13. SAP cannot automate the payment method entry into the vendor invoice entry screen
14. all special G/L transactions are posted to G/L accounts
15. it is possible to get the report of customers created by a user in a company code
16. clearing does not create any document
17. payment cannot be made by adjusting a special G/L transaction which is posted in G/L
18. partial payment creates another entry without any link to the original entry
19. down payment creates another entry without any link to the original entry
20. residual payment creates another entry keeping all entries open
21. it is not possible to use two check series for making payment
22. it is not possible to void unused checks
23. reversal of voided checks is a standard functionality of SAP
24. it is not possible to show the checks with a value range and issued by a user
25. it is not possible to create a due date for a down payment
26. SAP does not allow bill of exchange accounting
27. payment request clears the entries in AP and AR
28. posting key is linked to field status in FI posting
29. payment to anybody by passing a G/L entry without AP/AR is a standard functionality of SAP
30. we cannot create manual checks for payment to business partners and update in the system
31. bank statement entry into the SAP does the automatic clearing
32. through bank statement entry, we can enter the entries like bank debits for bank charges, commission, etc. which will make a direct posting into the G/L
33. chart of accounts view of G/L account keeps the data like general data in customer account – common data
34. whenever an FI entry is made, we want document header text to be a mandatory entry. Customizing is available in G/L master and field status groups
35. it is not possible to see document currency and company code currency at the same time during document display option
36. document date, posting date, value date, base line date, system date and due date in the entry screen of customer/vendor invoice are the same
37. it is possible to define the standard translation method of foreign currency in the posting key
38. system allows you to enter the date interval – from and to- in case of foreign currency translation rates
39. it is user definition whether SAP will control the open item selection
40. it is a real problem in SAP-in financial statement version we are not able to find the G/L accounts which are not assigned
41. MIS reports based on financial books like ratios can be done through financial statement version
42. all FI entries will be repeated in CO module also
43. physical inventory is a MM/PP module transaction and hence no accounting entry is passed in G/L but real stock is adjusted in MM/PP
44. payment to vendor of a specific bill cannot be blocked in SAP
45. customer makes multiple checks for one invoice, and hands it over to the company which is running with SAP with all modules. It is not possible to enter in SAP by keeping all the check details and updating against one invoice

1. F
2. T
3. F
4. T
5. F
6. T
7. F
8. F
9. F
10. F
11. F
12. F
13. F
14. T
15. T
16. F
17. F
18. T
19. T
20. F
21. F
22. F
23. T
24. F
25. F
26. F
27. F
28. T
29. F
30. F
31. T
32. T
33. F
34. F
35. F
36. F
37. F
38. F
39. T
40. F
41. F
42. F
43. F
44. F
45. F

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