SAP General Transactions


Useful SAP General Transactions

  1. VL04 Delivery due list. Run the delivery due with your order number to create the delivery.
  2. LT03 Create Transfer Order. EG. Warehouse: 101 and enter. Picking background. Save
  3. VL02N Delivery change.
  4. MD04 Material Requirements. Shows material requirements and releases against materials.
  5. SE38 ABAP Editor. Used to modify ABAP programs.
  6. SM01 Transaction list. Lock transactions in the system. Also a good tool to see what transactions are available.
  7. SHDB Transaction recorder (BDC).
  8. CMOD User exit \ project tool. Coordinates your changes into projects for the purpose of activating all user exits for a particular project. A
  9. User exit needs to be modified before it will work.
  10. SE16 Table contents display
  11. search_sap_menu Displays path to a transaction

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