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SAP is a very robust system has some flaws.. maybe they kept it intentionally so that we can play with it. Anyways, As far as I know there are two ways in which the table data can be changed directly incase if you do not have an SM30 view or there is no interface written to handle the database tables.

Method 1 – Using &SAP_EDIT in SE16n

One easy way of handling it the use of ‘&SAP_EDIT ‘. Just go to SE16n and give the table name and in the command windows key in ‘&SAP_EDIT'(without quotes) and execute. You will have all the values editable. Of course not the primary keys…! If you want to change the primary keys.. then just delete it and create a new entry in SE16n. Any changes you make are saved in other tables, go to SE16 and type SE16N* and you will see the tables which track these changes.

the other way is below.. need a very little debugging experience.

Method 2: Little bit of Debugging experience for SAP ABAP

Here is a simple example which will allow you to modify any content of the table directly without the need for table maintenance just with a bit of debugging experience.

Go to Transaction: SE16

Change 1

Give any material number.

Change 2

Imp: Before going further, first goto Menu –> Settings –> user Parameters –> Data browser –> and tick on SE16 Standard list.

press ‘/H’ in the command window and double click on the line of the record, which you would like to modify.

Change data 3

After the double click.. you should get a screen like below.. just press F7 once.

Change data 4

Here, if you see the value of the CODE, the variable value is set to ‘SHOW’, change it to ‘EDIT’ and click on change.

Change Data 5

Now switch off the debugging and execute and viola! you got all the fields editable.. just change it to whatever you need and press ‘SAVE’.

Change data 6

See the new contents.

Change data 7

6 thoughts on “SAP Tips: Change Database tables directly

  1. Hi,

    Its a good tip, But it requires debug with change authorization.

    If you have debug with change authorization, its not difficult to get the SE16n change authorization as well I think.



  2. Hi there,

    Here´s another tip to change database tables. This one does not require debug neither change authorization.

    Go to transaction SE16n.

    Enter the name of the table you want to edit and hit the ENTER key.

    In the transaction/command edit box at the top of the screen enter the string: &SAP_EDIT and hit the ENTER key again.

    if you did it right, you´ll see the message “SAP edit funcions activated” at the bottom of the screen (in the status line).

    Now, enter the filters for the table fields in this selection screen as to restrict the table lines that will be shown. If you do not do this, all table lines will be shown.

    When you execute the transaction, the ALV with the table lines will be in edit mode with all the table fields open for edit.

    Make the changes you need to the table lines and press the save button to save your changes. You can make changes in more than one line before saving the changes.

    Hope that helps!

    Any doubts, my email is [email protected].


  3. Hi

    Really good one.

    But I don’t have authorisation to execute transaction code &SAP_EDIT. Could you plz let me know what role (object) needs to be add to my account to get authorization for this t.code.

    Thanks in advance


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