SAP HR Time Management


The SAP Time Management module manages all Human Resources(HR) processes that involve the planning, recording, and valuation of internal and external Employees’ work performed and absence times.

The presentations cover the following topics. click on the links to download.

  1. Overview of SAP HR Time management.
  2. Time Management Transactions: Display an Employee Personal Work Schedule. Display Employee Time Data. Create a Permanent Change to a Work Schedule. Create a Temporary Work Schedule Change (Shift Substitution). Display Quota Overview. Create a Leave Quota Correction Record. Generate Special Absence Quotas. Create Personal to Holder Leave record. Create a Leave Quota Compensation Record. Create an Absence for an Employee & Perform Time Evaluation for an Employee.
  3. Time Managers workplace: The SAP Time Manager’s Workplace is a Time Management tool that provides an integrated user interface to maintain time data.
  4. Time Reporting: Access SAP Standard and Customized Time Reports.  Complete the relevant Time Reports.  Execute the relevant Time Reports. Create a Variant for frequently used Time Reports.
    Download Time Report data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
  5. SAP HR Time Report Troubleshooting: Check the allocation of Quota Records.  Record Overtime, Standby Allowances etc. Casual Leave Process. Errors with entering absences. Leave Provision. Excess Sick Leave Process. Leave on Termination. Entering Time Data using Fast Entry.

SAP Time Management is the reporting of differences between planned working time and actual working time. This could result in overtime, short time or an Employee not at work.

  • The Time Management component has the following functions:
  • The SAP Time Management module manages planning, recording and evaluation of an Employee’s work performed and absence times.
  • The SAP Time Management module manages online data entry, time recording systems, and other self-service applications. All data is processed in the same way, regardless of the data entry method.
  • The SAP Time Management component supports centralised data entry by time administrators, decentralised data entry by Production Supervisors, for example, or by Employees themselves.
  • The SAP Time Management component provides Human Resources operational support in reporting leave, approved time actions and hours of duty.
  • The SAP Time Manager’s Workplace is a Time Management tool that provides an integrated user interface to maintain attendance and absence data.
  • The standard system includes the Time Data Maintenance and Message Processing tasks
  • When you use time data maintenance, your Time Administrators can enter, correct, or complete time data for the Employees assigned to them
  • There are various views (such as the multi-day, multi-person, and one-day view) available for the Time Administrators to maintain this time data
  • The message processing function in the Time Managers Workplace (TMW) provides the Time Administrators with a comprehensive tool with which they can assess and process messages issued during time evaluation
  • Users can toggle between a message view and an Employee view when they process the messages

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