SAP HR Customizing Handbook


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SAP HR Customizing handbook contains a huge collection of Tips and Tricks on SAP HR. Understand more about Payroll, Organisation structure, HR Objects, Staffing and more in this Manual.

Points of Integration

  • Personnel Dev plan: carry out training and job-related activities, which provide individual professional development for your employees.
  • Training and Event Management: organize and schedule training events and conventions.
  • Workflow: Automates business processes. Tasks are given to the right person at the right time.
  • Compensation Management: Necessary for the administration of compensation (carrying out payroll, for example).
  • Personnel Cost Planning: Used to project personnel costs on the basis of existing and planned organizational units.
  • Shift Planning: used to schedule the optimum number of appropriately qualified personnel on the basis of job requirements.
  • Capacity Planning: Logistics component used to schedule persons on the basis of their availability and qualifications to complete work for specific work centers.
  • HIS: perform simplified reporting for employee data in the organizational plan.
  • Manager’s Desktop: supports managers in their administrative as well as strategic daily tasks.

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