SAP Integration

The integration of the SAP modules is sometimes an area where design and configuration is weakest. Project teams are often divided into subteams by modules and sometimes inadequate attention is paid to the way that the modules need to work together. Problems occur for a number of reasons:

  • SAP analysts sometimes lack at least a big picture view of the total business requirements
  • here is an inadequate understanding of the
    • impacts that decisions in their modules may have on other modules, and
    • the demands that requirements in their area may make on other areas

This Manual on SAP Integration addresses the key integration areas between the SAP modules:

  • Organisation structure: the representation of the enterprise in the SAP modules and definition of relationships between elements in the various modules
  • Periodic Processing and Integration: (Yes! – relationships or integration can also be defined here!)
  • Automatic Account Determination: the definition of how and to what level of detail the modules should post through to the GL accounts
  • Account assignments in daily or adhoc transactions – primarily FI to CO.
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