SAP Netweaver and it’s Significance

By providing an open integration and application platform and permitting the integration of the Next Gen Enterpise SOA , SAP NetWeaver helps unify business processes across technological boundaries, integrating applications for employees as needed, and accessing/editing simple information easily in a structured manner.

Significance of SAP Netweaver platform

The SAP ‘NetWeaver’ platform allows organizations to build new business solutions rapidly while realizing more business value from existing IT investments. SAP NetWeaver supports new cross functional business processes and helps to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing the need for custom integration. It offers complete life cycle management for all of your applications. It is also the foundation for Enterprise Services Architecture (EAS) and helps align people, information, and business processes across organizational and technological boundaries.

Components include:

  • Security
  • People Integration
    • Multi-channel Access
    • Portal
    • Collaboration
  • Information Integration
    • Business Intelligence
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Content
    • Knowledge Management
    • Master Data Management
  • Process Integration
    • Integration Broker
    • Business Process Management
  • Application Platform
    • Java
    • ABAP
    • Business Services
    • Connectivity
    • DB and OS Abstraction
    • SAP Knowledge Warehouse
  • Life Cycle Management
    • Customizing
    • Software Change Management
    • System Management
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