SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer


SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer – A tool that allows you to  quickly install and deploy SAP NetWeaver front-end components

Benefits of SAP Netweaver Rapid Installer

  • Easy, wizard-based installation
  • Setting up an Enterprise Portal with knowledge management and collaboration capabilities on the Java-based application server
  • Pre-configured integration allows connectivity to existing systems (e.g. SAP BW, SAP CRM)
  • Pre-defined configurations (for specific platforms / business scenarios)

What are the Business Benefits?

  • Cuts down installation time from days to hours
  • Simplifies installation and deployment
  • Gives organizations a jump-start in evolving their IT landscapes
  • Available in different sizes, best leveraging a customer’s platform

Have you used SAP Netweaver Rapid Installer? Please share your thoughts?

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