SAP Sales and Distribution Tasks

  1. How to carry out availability during sales and shipping?
  2. How to Create a billing document and billing plan?
  3. How to work with Complaints and returns?
  4. How to maintain customer master?
  5. How to work with Delivery creation and delivery scheduling?
  6. How to provide free goods discount?
  7. Working with incomplete sales documents?
  8. How to work with inter-company sales scenario?
  9. Working with Listing and Exclusion
  10. Listing the sales documents
  11. Working with material determination
  12. Working on material master creation
  13. Output controls
  14. Partner determination in Sales and Distribution
  15. How to handle pricing in deliveries
  16. Overall pricing user guides
  17. Revenue account determination in Sales & Distribution
  18. How the routes are determined in the sales orders
  19. Sales Order creation and change
  20. Viewing sales documents blocked for billing or delivery
  21. Working with taxes
  22. working with third party processing

Download the documents on SAP SD Sales and Distribution End User Manuals and navigate back to sales and distribution.

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