SAP Sales and Distribution User Guides


SAP User Guides for SAP Sales and Distribution

Below is a list of user guides which will teach you step by step actions on most of the tasks related to Sales and Distribution.

Availability Check Sales
Availability Check Shipping
Billing Creation
Billing Plan
Complaints and Returns
Customer Master Creation
Delivery Creation
Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
Free Goods
Incomplete Sales Document
List of Sales Orders – Reporting
Listing and Exclusion
Output Control
Material Master creation
Material Determination
Partner Determination
Pricing in Delivery
Revenue Account Determination
Sales Order Change
Sales Order Create
Sales Document blocked for billing
Sales Document blocked for Delivery
Text Control
Third Party Processing

3 thoughts on “SAP Sales and Distribution User Guides

  1. These users Guides are nice source to understand the process of SD. But the problem is that, the sequence is not mentioned (i.e. which user guide should be read first). Please number the user guide to hlep us.

    If you have user guides of other modules please do share. These will help new abapers too to understand the processes.

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